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Amicale 3 vs Hekari United 3

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Ernes Bong GK(1), Young Paul (3), Selwyn Sese Alal (4), Nelson Sale Kilifa (6), Jean Robert Yelou (7), Dereck Malas (9), Fenedy Masauvakalo (11), Gibson Daudau (13), Alphonse Bongnaim (15), Alick Maemae (17), Jack Whitney (19),
Hekari United:
Gure Gabina GK (20), Gideon Amokirio (2), Abraham Iniga (6), Tuimasi Manuca (9), David Muta (12), Neil Hans (14), Kema Jack (17), Koriak Upaiga (19), Malakai Tiwa (21), David Taro (26), Henry Faarodo (28)
Match Officials:
Referee: Jacques Averii (Tahiti)
Assistant Referee 1: Michael Joseph (Vanuatu)
Assistant Referee 2: Mahit Chilia (Vanuatu)
Fourth Official: Robinson Banga
6″ Alick Maemae just miss a golden opportunity to score
11″ Abraham head but over the bar
12″ Faarodo just miss to score for Hekari. He shot and just go wide and now goal kick for Amicale
13″ Hekari puts alot of pressure on Amicale defence but Daudau for Amicale clear the ball to draw in
15″ Alick Maemae and Fenedy Masauvakalo are now putting more pressure on Hekari defence.
16″ David Muta of Hekari shot but good save from Ernest Bong
17″ About 6000 fans at Port Vila Stadium now and its sunny and hot
19″ Michael Tiwa takes a great shot but good save from Amicale goalkeeper
20′ Maemae takes a free kick but over the bar
21″ Michael Tiwa foul on Youlou and free kick for Amicale
22″ Neil Hans makes a great shot but god save from Amicale keeper
23″ Maemae make a foul on henry Faarodo and free kick for Hekari about 25 meters from Amicale Goalkeeper
23″ Paul Young of Amicale heads away the free kick.
24″ Maemae makes a shot and miss a golden opportunity to score now. Gooa football display from Maemae, Whitney and Fenedy
25″ Match live on FM 107, radio Vanuatu now
26″ Whitney of Amicale make a long pass to find Daudau but over the touch line draw for Hekari in Hekari’s half
28″ Frist corner kick for Amicale now
29″ Maemae takes the cornerkick and Fenedy head and just over the bar.
30″ Another corner for Amicale
30″ Maemae shot and goalkeeper saves. What a shot and another corner for Amicale. Amicale is putting alot pressure on Hekari now
31″ Free kick for Hekari after Daudau foul Hekari Iniga.
32″ Henry takes a poor shot and goal kick for Amicale
34″ Good move from Fenedy , Maemae but Fenedy is already in a offside postition
35″ Fenedy was foul by Hekari defender and free kick for AFenedy
36″ Corner kick for Amicale after free kick
37″ Penalty for Amicale after David Taro foul Maemae in the penalty box
39″ Goal!!!!!! Amicale 1 Hekari 0: Maemae take the penalty shot and sent Hekari keeper Gure the wrong and score for the reds
42″ Amicale is now dominating the last 5 minutes
43″ Jack Kema of Hekari foul on Amicale defender Selwyn Seseand free kick for the reds
45″ 1 minutes injury time before the first half
End of first half
Second half now on the way
47″ Fenedy miss a golden opportunity to score for Amicale and now goal kick for Hekari
48″ Henry now swtich from midfilder because he has no way to pass the Amicale defender
50″ Substitution for Hekari: Vaketalesau in and Hans out
51″ Goal!!!!! Amicale 2 Hekari 0: Derek Mlas score for Amicale after receiving a good pass from Maemae.
52″ Hekari Kema Jack miss a opportunity to score for his team and ball over the ball.
54″ Fenedy miss a opportunity to score after receiving a good ball from Whitney but good save from hekari keeper nad Maemae just miss another goal now.
56″ Fenedy just miss another goal for Amicale in front of Hekari keeper. Good save from keeper.
57″ Heavy rain is pouring down at Port Vila Stadium now
58″ Goal!!!!! Amicale 2 Hekari 1: Osea Vaketalesau works hard and score the first goal for Hekari after run pass Nelson Sale scoresssss,
59″ Corner Kick for Hekari and Muta just miss to score from his head and goal kick for Amicale.
62″ Substitution for Amicale: Seimata Chilia in and Derek Malas out
64″ Daudsau makes a good move and shot and good save from Hekari keeper Gabina
64″ Good corner kick from Maemae and Jack clear its out and goal kick for Hekari.
66″ Substitution for Amicale: Jack Whitney out and Nelson Bisili in
69″ Fenedy just miss another goal for Amicale after he receieves a good ball from Bisili but good save from keeper
70″ Caution for Hekari Manuca after foul on Ernest Bong Amicale keeper
71″ Osea Vaketalesau just miss to equalise after he shot . there is no keeper and the ball went over the bar.
73″ Caution for Kema Jack after foul on Bisili near the penalty box
74″ Goal!!!!!! Amicale 3 Hekari 1: Fenedy shot a great free kick and scores for Amicale. Crowds go wild nowwww
84″ Red Card for Osea Vaketalesau for Hekari. but now the referee chancge his decision and everyone confuse now and storng talking is going on now.
78″ Referee sent Hekari coach out but refuse to go out and game restart again.
79″ John Kapi Nato just arrvie now from Australia
80″ Good move from Osea in the boc but good defence from Alphonse of Amicale
81″ Fenedy miss his third clear goal and the ball just went out.
82″ Amicale is now dominating all areas in the field.
83″ Substitution for Amicale: Anisua in and Robert Yolou in
84″ Osea just miss a great head but good save ffrom Ernest Bong
86′ Time is running out for Hekari now.
86″ Seimata just miss a great chance to score after receiving a great pass from Fenedy but good save from Hekari keeper Gabina.
87″ Goal!!!!! Amicale 3 Hekari 2: Great shot from Osea Vaketalesau and shot and there is no way the Ernest Bong will save it.
90″ 5 minutes injury time now. Pressure is on Amicale now from Hekari
91″ Substitution for Hekari: Faarodo out and Kini out
93″ Abraham just miss a great goal after he makes a strong shot and over the bar
94″ Last corner for Hekari now
94″ Goal!!!!! Amicale 3 Hekari 3: Malakai Tiwa equalise for Hekari
95″ Final Whistle from Referee Jacques Averii

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