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Amicale first group arrive in Solomon Islands

“With the arrival of the Vanuatu champion Amicale for the first time in Honiara, the O League match Amicale vs Koloale becomes real again.” Says Moses Stevens, FM 107 footbll commentator.
“This marks a very special moment for football in Vanuatu and Solomon Islands, because Amicale have players from both countries and they are now one feet away from the O League final for the first time and now the players take the spotlight, and that is what football is about.”
The Vanuatu Champion team was welcomed by team mates Jack Whitney, Bisili Lenson, Hekari defender and new Koloale head coach Gideon Amokirio, Koloale vice President, the Solomon stars, Solomon Island Football media and Local O League Organising Committee.
The Reds, who will be staying at Pacific Casino Hotel in Honiara will kick off their last O League match against Koloale at Lawson Tama stadium this Saturday 19th Match 2011 at 3pm.
Assistant coach Philemon John who travel with the team said, “We have given ourselves plenty of time to prepare and acclimatise to the local conditions and I think we have the similar weather.”
“The players already get used to the altitude, and maybe few trainings this week will help us to achieve our dreams.”
Five Amicale Solo players, Bisili Lenson, Jack Whitney, Alick Maemae, Adika and Mostyn Saga arrived in Honiara last week and today they joined by the rest of Amicale team at Pacific Casino hotel.

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