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Vaum United ready to take on Amicale

Former Tafea and Amicale FC striker Dalong Damilip and former Academy players, Meren Tamba and Peter Alphonse also included in the Vaum squad.
Dalong is a dangerous striker and score many goals for Tafea and Amicale at Port Vila stadium, decided to help his club in Luganville in the competition.
He will be very dangerous up front for United against Amicale defenders on Wednesday.
Meren Tamba is also a Tafea FC former defender and will be hard to beat.
The other top Vanuatu young defender Peter Alphonse who plays for Yatel FC in Vila is in the starting line-up Vaum United FC.
Vaum will take on mighty Amicale at 2pm and fans in Luganville are encouraged to come and watch.

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