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Reece’s hat-trick sees Seveners through to quatre

Seveners United, wrapped up their victory with three goals from Reece Lerr, one from Spencer Noel and another one from Timothy Joe.
Siaraga’s two goals came from Bebe Gabriel and Leo Drogs in the second half.
The win puts Seveners top Pool D on goal difference a head of Shepherds United. Both teams will play each other next week to decide who will lead Pool D.
This Saturday match fixtures of Port Vila Shield, proudly sponsored by Port Vila Municipality.
12pm- Tupuji Imere vs AS Ambassador
1:45pm- Amicale FC vs Yatel
3pm- Erakor G Star vs Lopatu.
Latest Pool A table
1. Amicale FC 6
2. Tupuji Imere FC 3
3. AS Ambassador 3
4. Yatel FC 0
Pool B
1. Erakor Golden Star FC 6
2. Siwi FC 3
3. Spirit 08 FC 3
4. Lopatu FC 0
1. Tafea FC 6
2. Ifira Black Bird FC 3
3. Narak Tegapu FC 3
4. Pango Green Bird FC 0
Pool D
1. Seveners United FC 6
2. Shepherds United FC 6
3. Mauriki FC 0
4. Sia-raga FC 0

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