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Amicale visit Hospital Children’s Ward

The trip were organised by the Committee of Amicale FC Music show.
“Our mission as a football club in the country is not just to help the young people to play football and enjoy but to raise money to enable children wards to provide the very best care for its young patients and their families.” Said Andrew Leong, Amicale Senior Team President.
“We are happy to come to the hospital today and donated the kid’s presents and clothes as we know that Christmas is still far away but a small toy like this can help a sick boy or girl smile.”
“Hospital is everybody’s home and we must always think of ways to help the hospital, especially the Children’s Ward.”
“You never know maybe your child or one of your family will be the next one to come to hospital this week, therefore we need to support them” said Andrew Leong.
Few months ago, a thief went into the Children Ward’s and run away with the Kid’s Television set and today there is no TV set for the sick little ones in the hospital so if you read and hear this message please donate a TV set to the Children’s Ward at Vila Central Hospital.

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