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Daily Post starts SMILE FOOT news

This special football column comes out every Thursdays with football news in Vanuatu, Oceania and the world and there is a special updates on Vanuatu U-17 team preparation and also the countdown on how many days to go before April 17 2013 when OFC kicks off the tournament in Santo.
This is a special page prepared by Vanuafoot media and Daily Post Sports Editor Raymond Nasse.
“Daily Post has been the best promoter of football for a long time until today and to have a special football page called Smile Foot today.”
“We thank Vanuafoot media to work closely with us to promote football in a smiling way before Christmas and New Year holidays, just round the corner.” Said Raymond Nasse.
“Our biggest aim is to let people knows about OFC Under 17 competition in Santo next year 2013.”
Vanuafoot media manager Harry Atisson thank Daily Post for their great support towards the coverage of football activities in Vanuatu for many years.
“On behalf of Vanuafoot media, I take this opportunity to thank Daily Post management for their support.”
“The page SMILE FOOT comes out today looks great.”
“Football is the biggest sport in Vanuatu today and we want to help people knows that playing football is fun and even when your team is down or lost a game.”
“We want to remind people not to be angry when their team lost a match and please continue to be happy when the season starts in 2013.” Said Harry Atisson, vanuafoot media officer.
The SMILE FOOT page is free and comes out every Thursdays.
Vanuafoot media also have a special vanuafoot page on Vanuatu Times Newspaper that comes out every Fridays, Television program on Television Blong Vanuatu (TBV) 30 minutes every Tuesdays and football talk back show on Radio Vanuatu every Thursdays at 7pm to 8pm
“I also take this opportunity to thank Vanuatu Times News paper, Television Blong Vanuatu, Radio Vanuatu and Daily Post for their great support to promote football as the number One sport in Vanuatu.”
“I wish all media football reporters a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013 and VFF is looking forward to work with you all in the new year.” concluded Harry Atisson.
Vanuafoot Media will organise a special lunch for the media Sports reporters today at Harbour View Restaurant in Port Vila.

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