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Woman’s Football heading the right direction

“It is our big achievement to elevate the level of women football technically and tactically with what the coaches learned from the course instructor.” Said Joel Rarua.
“The course was gone fluently as day to day the participants begin to learn and develop their coaching knowledge capacity from along the 5 day of the course.”
“As the development officer for women football, the course content was just on the perfect level for the local coaches to be able to understand and relate with what they have being in their coaching career.”
“Helping the coaches to be identifying the appropriate structure of plan a training session that relate to building /developing a player.” He said.
“During the course, the participants really enjoy the learning environment and ideal of coaching as another world of learning and growing footballers.”
“Group discussions and practical session in the field shows a great improvement of their knowledge on how to deliver a successful football training which is realistic and has a lot of repetition on what practically happen on a football match day.”
“Also know how and what to do in defending and attacking in a game.”
“This coaches have learned a lot from the 1 week coaching and believe it motivate the participants to prepare the clubs properly to have more competitive games and enable to send quality players to be in future Vanuatu national team.”
“This helps my technical team to prepare well to represent Vanuatu in the upcoming competition in January to plan and build the team technically.”
“I again thank the financially support of FIFA and OFC to woman’s football development in Vanuatu.” He concluded.

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