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Kandy: Woman’s Football growing fast

Kandy’s father Paul Bibo used to play for Amicale FC in Vila but when she was just three years old, her parents decided to move to New Zealand where she grows up and play her football with Christchurch and new Brighton girls football club.
She returns back to Vanuatu in 2009 and working as a Head Chef at Eratap Beach Resort.
He loves her job as a chef but at the same time too, she loves her football and had the chance to link with Port Vila Woman’s Football League and coach Lakotau Girls Football Club.
She came to help the club since 2011 until today the club is ranked fifth in the Woman’s Football League.
In an interview with Vanuafoot, Kandy Tamakushiku talks about her role as a coach and executive member of Port Vila Woman’s Football League and what she think will benefit Woman’s football in Vanuatu.
What was your first impression about women’s football in Port Vila?
Kandy Tamakushiku : I’m impressed by the progress women’s football has made in the country. You can notice the work the President of the PVFA Woman’s League Martha Poida and her committee have done in order to further promote women in sports.

Port Vila Woman’s Football has progressed in social terms and the right messages have been sent out to women. My idea is to make the next step while respecting and adapting to Vanuatu culture. I have found excellent working conditions here, and I’m convinced that we’ll be able to make a valid contribution to woman’s football development in the next five years.

What do you want to achieve during the coming five years?
Kandy Tamakushiku:During my career I have had the opportunity to observe women’s football competition for the last two years.

If I compare the structures in Port Vila Woman’s League, I can say that Woman’s Football has an advantage, and we can trigger change in the next five years.

For instance, we have a very well organised women’s league that is of great help for the Port Vila Football Association and Vanuatu Football Woman’s department.

However, we need to ensure everyone understands the benefits that women’s football can bring to society as a whole.

These girls are becoming important role models in Port Vila because they are showing that women’s football can be an integral part of daily life.

What do you think VFF and OFC Woman’s department can do to help promote the game of woman’s football?

Kandy Tamakushiku: I thank OFC and VFF for organising woman’s football course here in Vanuatu. We need more courses to educate our coaches and referee.

I read last week that PNG Football through FIFA and OFC organised a FIFA referee course for womans only and that is what we want in Vanuatu, a referee and woman’s course for womans only.
Can we expect to have a woman team qualifying for the FIFA Women’s tournament in the future?
Kandy Tamakushiku: It’s impressive the way women’s football has developed in Vanuatu world since I arrived two years ago as a member of PVFA woman’s football executive.

Overall, women’s football is getting stronger and stronger every week. If the current progress continues, one of the Vanuatu woman’s team in U-17 or U 20 with the help of OFC and FIFA could reach Oceania top level within the next 30 years and qualify to play in a FIFA competition.

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