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We ( Goakeepers) are important: David Chilia

“I am very happy with the course and James Bannatyne is a great goalkeeping Instructor.” Said David Chilia, Vanuatu former goalkeeper and Tupuji Imere head coach.
“During my time as a goalkeeping, I just try my best without any proper goalkeeping training but today I have learned a lot on how I can help young goalkeepers from my club and country.”
“It is also good to see few ladies attending this course and we must encourage young girls not only to play football but to be goalkeepers too.”
“One other thing I would like to mention here is we goalkeepers are very important player on the football field.”
“Even though I play goalkeeper, I have played in different positions during my playing career and I still think goalkeeper is the most important player on the field of play.”
“But if you don’t know what I am talking about here is a little bit about what I am talking about.”
“Goalkeepers are a player at the end of both halves of the field.”
“The goalkeeper(s) job is to stop the strikers from scoring.”
“If we let the goal in we have the bad name in the media so we have to work extra hard to stop our opponent from scoring goals.” He said.
The first ever FIFA Goalkeeping course will end today Friday 8 July 2016 at 4.30pm.

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