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Premier League kicks off today

Today is Lini Day (Public Holiday) in Vanuatu and Port Vila Football has decided to organise three Premier League matches.
12pm Tafea 4-0 Ifira Black Bird FC
Goals from Nanua Natou, Daniel Natou, Nanua Natou and Fransois Sakama.
1:45pm Spirit 08 FC vs Shepherds United FC
First half: Spirit 2-0. Goals from Bernard Daniel and Octav Meltecoin
Second: Spirit striker Don Jack hits United first goal in 65 mins
75″ Goal!!!!!! Spirit 08 FC 3-1; Octav Meltecoin just scored Spirit’s third goal.
83′ Shepherd’s keeper David Chilia just make a great save; shot from Bernard Daniel
90′ Referee George Bruce blow final whistle; Spirit beat Shepherds 3-1.
4pm Tupuji Imere FC vs Academy FC
1′ kicks off Tupuji in Yellow and Academy in green
10′ Free kick for Tupuji and stop by Academy defenders
15′ Tupuji ‘s Barry Mansale foul on Academy midfielder Jerry and referee Michael Joseph stop the game and awarded a free kick to Academy and shown yellow card to Barry Mansale.
17′ Imere Rodney serveux shots from 1 meters saved by Academy keeper.
25′ free kick to academy but went to corner kick.
26′ free kick to tupuji imere
45′ First half comes to an end.
47′ Second half starts
56′ Free kick to Tupuji Imere against Academy
57′ Academy defenders clear the ball out
70′ Goal!!!!! Tupuji Imere FC 1-0 Academy; Barry Mansale just scored Tupuji’s first goal.
75′ Academy just miss to equalise.
76′ Tupuji striker Rodney Serveux just miss another golden opportunity for Imere.
82′ Imere’s Barry Mansale miss his second opportunity to increase the scoreline.
86′ Referee indicate 4 minutes to go
90′ Final whistle . Tupuji beat Academy 1-0
Latest TVL Premier League Standing
1. Tafea FC 27
2. Amicale FC 22
3. Shepherds United FC 19
4. Seveners United FC 16
5. Spirit 08 FC 15
6.Tupuji Imere FC 11
7. Ifira Black Bird FC 10
8. Academy FC 5

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