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Amicale beat Busaiteen 2-1

See below the play-by-play action by Oceania Football during the first whistle to the end of the match..
Amicale: 1. Chikau MANSALE [GK] (c), 2. Ian HOGG, 4. Brian KALTACK, 5. Michele GRAZIA, 6. Adrian UCCHINO, 8. Dominique FRED, 9. Panagiotis NIKAS, 11. Fenedy MASAUVAKALO, 13. Francois SAKAMA, 15. Osea VAKATALESAU, 17. Alphonse BONGNAIM.
Substitutes: 24. Marc VILLAESCUA [GK], 3. Chanel OBED, 10.Manuel BRIGHENTI, 12. Laitia TUILAU, 16. Amani MAKOE, 18. Sailas NAMATAK, 19. Esava NAQALECA, 21. Goshen DONA, 25. Dalong DAMALIP.
Coach: Jean-Robert YELOU [VAN]
Busaiteen: 22. Husain Abdulla Hasan HARAM [GK], 3. Juliano de PAULA, 4. Abdulla Ahmed Jasim BUDHAISH, 5. Mohamed Sultan Hamad ALI, 6. Abdelkarim KOUSSI, 8. Hesham Ahmed Mansoor NAYEM, 9. Mohamed Abdulaziz AJAJ, 14. Abdulla Ali Hasan ALAJMI, 16. Mohamed Khalil Ebrahim ALQALLAF, 19. Mujtaba Mohamed Ghuloom MALEK, 25. Eliel da Cruz GUARDIANO.
Substitutes: 1. Mahmood Isa Mohamed SHARIF [GK], 12. Hesam Jasim Najim ALMANNAE [GK], 2. Mohamed Nabeel Bakheet MUBARAK, 11. Abdulraham Mohamed Fares FALEH, 17. Mohamed Jasim Ali ALBADAL, 18. Isa Abdulla Ahmed ALROOMI, 20. Ahmed Yusuf Hasan MOHAMED, 26. Turki Abdulla Isa SEYADHEE, 27, Mohamed ASHOOR, 30. Salman Ahmed Saleh ALDAKHEEL
Coach: Khlifa Hamad Isa ALZAYANI [BHR]
Match Officials:
Referee: Nelson SOGO [SOL]
Assistant Referee 1: Terry PIRI [COK]
Assistant Referee 2: Bertrand BRIAL [NCL]
Fourth Official: Ravitesh BEHARI [FIJ]
The match kicks off.
1′ Good save by Mansale on Busaiteen’s shot
2′ First corner for Busaiteen.
5′ Free kick for Amicale.
5′ Corner for Amicale
6′ The corner is cleared away by Busaiteen’s defense.
7′ Another free kick for Amicale.
7′ Free kick at the far post but Haram clears the ball away.
8′ Another corner for Amicale.
10′ Free kick for Amicale, Nikas takes it and it hits the crossbar. Vakatalesau can’t target his header on the rebound.
13′ Long ball to Vakatalesau but the defender clears the danger away for Busaiteen.
15′ Ajaj receives the ball on the right hand side of the box but his shoot misse the target.
18′ Bongnaim’s shot goes wide.
19′ Malek’s cross to the far post is too heavy.
20′ Malek’s shot is on target but deflected by the defender
22′ Free kick for Amicale. Nikas takes it but it is off target.
27′ Nayem scores for Busaiteen but he is caught offiside
30′ The score is still 0-0 between Amicale and Busaiteen
33′ Good movement by Busaiteen but it is ending with an offside.
35′ Free kick for Busaiteen on the right hand side of the Amicale’s box.
36′ Busaiteen’s header goes into Mansale’s gloves.
40′ YELLOW CARD Abdulla Budhaish is cautioned for a late tackle for Busaiteen.
42′ Interesting free kick for Busaiteen at the head of the box.
43′ GOAL!!! Amicale 0-1 Busaiteen Brazilan Cruz opens the scoring for Busaiteen on the free kick.
The referee whistles the end of the first half.
The second half kicks off.
46′ Amicale get a corner.
47′ Alqallaf receives treatment.
49′ YELLOW CARD Abdelkarim Koussi is cautioned for Busaiteen.
52′ Good defending tackle by Grazia to clear the danger in his box.
54′ GOAL!! Amicale 1-1 Busaiteen Francois Sakama equalises for Amicale with a header on a free kick delivered by Nikas.
60′ Free kick for Busaiteen after a collision between Hogg and Malek.
60′ The free kick is off target.
62′ Alqallaf receives treatment.
65′ Nikas’s shot is deflected into corner.
66′ YELLOW CARD Ucchino is cautioned for Amicale.
68′ Interesting free kick for Busaiteen.
68′ Nayem takes the free kci but Mansale catches it.
69′ Interesting free kick for Amicale
70′ Nikas takes the free kick but straight into the wall
73′ Vakatalesau leaves the field to receive medial treatment.
76′ Vakatalesau’s shot is easily caught by Haram
79′ Kaltack clears the danger for Amicale
80′ GOAL!! Amicale 2-1 Busaiteen Amicale take the lead in this game following a superb volley from Nikas.
84′ Interesting free kick for Amicale.
85′ Nikas takes the free kick which is on target but Haram make a good save.
87′ Ajaj has the opportunity to equalise for Busaiteen but Mansale saves.
89′ SUBSTITUTION Damalip replaces Fiji’s Vakatalesau for Amicale.
90′ One minute of additonal time
The referee whistles the end of the game.

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