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Erick star as Shepherds beat Tafea 2-0

Two great goals from Erick Ismael in each half earned the Blacks all three points on the TVL Ladder.
United could have won by a greater margin, but Danny Michel and Erick Ismael both missed great chances to make the win more comfortable while Tafea also miss few chances in the second half.
It was the Erick Ismael show in the first and second half as the united striker went close to a hat-trick, but young Tafea keeper Selonie Iaruel managed to stop his shot.
Ismael said he was delighted with his performance but preferred to hail the efforts of his team-mates.
“I don’t think I’ve ever scored two goals against Tafea FC before – I’m very happy with that and to beat Tafea FC is not easy,” he said. “I try to do the best job I can, but my team-mates have given me the ball to score from.”
“We also need to congratulate them. Playing for Shepherds United, I’m provided with many good chances, like today. We need to congratulate them more than me. The goals were simple. They gave me the ball. I’m very happy.”
He added: “We need to continue fighting. There is still a lot of the season left and we need to continue improving.
“There’s no need to think of the others – we need to think of us. To continue as we have been doing, playing well and scoring great goals like today.”
United Fitness coach Albert Manaroto also had words of praise for Erick Ismael and his boys.
“We played a very good game,” he told vanuafoot. “The team showed all its potential. It is strange for such a young squad to adapt so soon.
“We should still expect highs and lows, but this is a young squad with great capacity to improve. The team is very ambitious.”
“Erick Ismael has great sense of responsibility. He was brilliant this afternoon and made sacrifices. He participated in many of the efforts that ended in two great goals.”
“I also would like to thank our executive members, fans and the two hard working coaches Wilkins Lauru and Wilson August. “ he concluded.
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