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Tupuji shock Spirit 08

Imere withstood heavy pressure throughout the game in the first half as both teams end up with nothing before half time.
After the break, Tupuji Imere last on the table came back strongly against Spirit and saw Nigerian Ezekiel hits his first goal for Imere in style in 73 minutes. Just after 15 minutes veteran midfielder Anto Malapa hits Imere’s second goal to snatch all the three points they have been waiting for.
The win lifted Tupuji Imere off the bottom of the table to fifth place with 6 points, while Spirit remained second with 12 points, behind leader Amicale FC with 13 points.
Tupuji Imere will finish the first leg this Saturday when they play against Ifira Black Bird at 1pm while Spirit take on the most improve team of the season Erako Golden Star at 11am.
This afternoon 23 October 2012 at 3pm, Erakor Golden Star will plat Tafea FC at Port Vila Stadium.
Latest TVL Premier League Table (Day 6)
1. Amicale FC 13
2. Spirit 08 FC 12
3. Erakor Golden Star FC 10
4. Shepherds United FC 10
5. Tupuji Imere FC 6
6. Tafea FC 5
7. Ifira Black Bird FC 5
8. Seveners United FC 4