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Girls can kick too in Santo

But in Santo for the last three months , 8 woman’s football team participate in the Vanuatu Action For Health tournament in Santo and the outcome of the tournaments shows that there are many ladies playing soccer in the rural areas.
Woman’s Referee Instructor and development officer Elsie Titus said, “we are very happy to see woman playing soccer in Santo.”
“It has been a tough year for woman’s football in Luganville but thank you to Vanuatu Action for Health and the Minsitry of Health because they see the need of woman’s football in our small town.”
“Football quickly became a passion for woman in Santo now and has a major effect on our culture and I am sure that the woman who came out for the last 3 months to play football will want to continue and its up to VFF and Luganville Footbal Association now to come up with plans to develop woman’s football in Santo.” she concluded.
Torba woman’s Soccer team were the Champion of the Vanuatu Action for Health tournament in Luganville last week.

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