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Veteran’s Cup hits Vila

Former Tafea and Shepherds United players meet up at 2pm and at the end of the final whistle saw Tafea Veteran came out to beat Shepherds United 2-0 with goals from Peter Napuram and Manaseh Silas.
Bong Shem, PVFA secretary, said the Veteran Cup is to bring back the old players into the field to play and show the new Vanuatu players how to play quality football and keep them fit at all times.
“Most of our former players seem to forget about football but today you can see all the former Sheperds United and Tafea players came to show their skills.”
“This tournament is a new way for the former players to recover from injury, gain flexibility and keep their muscles relaxed and strong throughout the years to come.”
Former players like Wilson August, Moli Maralau, Bong Shem of Shepherds United and Peter Napuram, Moise Poida, Tom Manses, Samsom Obed, Jerry Napat and Iau Tuan of Tafea FC turns up for the game and attracted more than 500 soccer fans.
“It’s crazy for people to say that all these players are old and they’ve past it. They proved it last Saturday that they still can play and can score goals.” Said Bong Shem.
PVFA President, Mr. Chris Kaltabang, was very excited about the Veteran Cup and thank Vanuatu Government through the Ministry of Youth and Sport for their support..
“It’s great to see former players back to the field of play.” I believe that our young football stars will learn more from the former players which today they have demonstrate some quality passes in the game.”
“I want to thank Vanuatu Government for their support and as we are approaching our 32 Independence Anniversary, I would like to take this opportunity to wish every citizen in Vanuatu a Happy Independence Anniversary.” concluded Mr. Kaltabang.
This week’s Veteran Soccer Program:
Friday 29 June 2012 at Port Vila Stadium. Time 4pm Tupuji Veteran vs Spirit 08 Veteran
Saturday 30 June 2012 at Port Vila Stadium.
1pm: Erakor Veteran vs Ifira Black Bird Veteran
2pm: Amicale Veteran vs Pango Green Bird Veteran
The winner of the Veteran Cup will go away with a cup and a prize money of VT 100.000.