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Andrew Leong resigns as Amicale Vice President

Mr. Leong has made a statement to Amicale FC yesterday morning.
To Amicale FC President and executive members, players and fans.

“I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I have resigned of my position in AMICALE FC as the Vice President of the club.”
“I would like to say thank you for being parts of the glorious moment of football in the past four years with AMICALE FC.”
“I am sure all Vanuatu has enjoyed this moment including myself and I am sure the club will move forward in future.”
Thanks, From Andrew Leong.
Andrew has been the main sponsor of the Red Rooster in the past four years and football fans in Vanuatu and Oceania can see his real heart for the sports he loves and the way he came in to sponsor the club.
He also sponsors Vanuatu Football Federation national teams, providing them with shirts, bags, shoes and team uniforms for the last 10 years too.
His heart is football for the last four years and you can see clearly with your eyes. The question all football is asking now is who will be the next football sponsor in a club in Vanuatu like Andrew Leong?
Mr. Leong brought in foreign players from Serbia, England, Scotland, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Australia and Italy to play for Amicale and they have made it to the grand final in OFC Champions League in 2010 and 2014.
“Andrew Leong and his family deserve our respect and thanks,” Port Vila Football Association president Christian Kaltabang told vanuafoot. “
“He was responsible for returning to the Ni-Vanuatu people a love for the national club side, even if they did not achieve our highest aim yet.”
All Amicale FC foreign players have gone back to their respective countries last weekend.

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