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SOS distributed 1000 balls to Luganville Football

The organization represented by Peter Cole and Mick Rochford are also donating 1000 balls to Schools, Womens football Teams, and Mens Football Teams in Luganville and Sanma.
This the first time the group is here in Vanuatu, and have witnessed a very successful day of fun and games.
The organization has been to Fiji in the past years and also to Samoa.
The objective of the programme is to assist the development of sports to rural areas in the countries they go to.
The Success of the trip has been made possible through members of the organization, namely the owners of Village de Santo, who have tirelessly worked for 18 months to get the organization to Vanuatu. The Day has been made a success with help of Luganville Football Association and VFF.
There was notable presence of business houses during the Day, who also participated in team games.
Business houses involved in the suuccess of the programme included Village de Santo, Deco Stop, Paradise Petroleum, Santo Hardware, Santo Engineering, Sanma Provincial Government, Bay View, USP, Fiji Team(LCM), Turtle Bay, Air Vanuatu, Promedics, and Damings Store.
With the Tremendous Support, the organization intends to reach further to other rural provinces and Communities.
The organizers are already thinking fo a similar sports day in April next year, 2016.
Story by A Manaroto

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