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Ifira Black Bird complete quarter-final lineup

Ifira progressed for the first time in history to play in the quarter final of the NSL on Saturday to join Amciale FC, Erakor Golden Star and LL Echo.
The Black Bird led Pool C after draw with Amicale FC 0-0 on Saturday.
“I don’t know what to say but thank you to my players because they have been working really hard to prepare themselves in training in the last few months and today we achieve our dreams to top Pool C and also to qualify to play in the Quarterfinal.’ Said Batram Suri.
“This competition is not easy when you play against Tafea and Amicale but thank you to all and our special thank you goes to our executive and the faithful fans.”
“My dream is to win and we will see if we are ready to qualify for the semifinal.”
“To be champion you need to have everything: quality, luck and everything.”
“This season I hope we have more luck and with our quality I think that this is enough to be champion.”
“I think we have quality like the big teams. We are a big team and we will show that this season, I’m sure.”
“We are ready, like I said. We are ready to compete with everyone. I’m not scared. Our players can compete with all the big stars in the country.
“I believe in their quality.”
Final Pool C Standing
1. Ifira Black Bird FC 5
2. Amicale FC 5
3. Tafea FC 5
4. Malnaruru FC 0

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