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Spirit will be strong against Tafea

In the 2009-2010 season, Spirit came third on the classement and they want to maintain the same position to participate in the National Soccer League competition in 2011 but Tafea won 6-0 Shepherds United, and won a 6-2 against Yatel FC at the Port Vila Stadium, a match that truly showed how powerful Tafea were last season.
But since then, Tafea have really impressed as they are now in first place in TVL Premier League and they are tied with Amicale FC on points.
Tafea are always confident that they will win the match against Spirit who but on the other hand, Spirit will no take lightly and depend on striker Robert Tasso to score for the blues.
Because Tafea are very strong on counter attack, Spirit players will need to start off strongly and to remain consistent.

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