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Crowds turn up in Day One

Luganville Football Association vice president Barthelemy Ngwele said before the kick off last Saturday at Luganville Soccer Stadium, representative of Telecom Vanuatu Limited (TVL) in Santo Esther Tasso delivered a special speech from the major sponsor before Santos FC play Melstone FC.
Day One Results and standing
Saturday 2 November 2013
Venue: Luganville Soccer Stadium
12pm- Santos FC 1-1 Melstone FC
Melstone FC- Ratrige Bong ( 26 mins)
Santos FC – Frank Molisale ( 63 mins)
Santos FC – Dondi Kileteir
Melstone FC – Ratrige Bong
1:30pm- Torba United 2-1 Tafea FC
Torba United- Dimitri Andrew ( 52 mins), Travor Francis ( 75 mins)
Tafea FC Dimitri Naussai ( 54 mins)
Torba United FC- Francois
Tafea FC- Harrison Selmen, Dimitri Naussai.
3:30pm Vaum United 1-2 Malampa Revivors FC
Harry Saksak ( 60 mins)
Malampa Revivors FC- Andrew Japhet ( 49 mins) x2
Cautions: Vaum United FC- Simon, Kami Minmin, Arvin Saksak, Assi Avock.
Referee stop match 10 minutes before time. Looks like this match will be replay sometimes this week.
Latest TVL Premier League Standing- Day One
1. Torba United FC 3
2. Melstone FC 1
3. Santos FC 1
4. Tafea FC 0
5. Vaum United FC 0
6. Malampa Revivors FC 0
First Division Results
Venue: Filed Two
12pm- Kole 2-0 Matevulu College
3pm- Sarakata FC 1- Eastern Star FC 2
Latest First Division Standing – Day One
1. Kole FC 3
2. Eastern Star FC 3
3. Sarakata FC 0
4. Matevulu College 0

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