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Serveux hits as Tupuji beat Spirit

Eddie Mansale’s side went into the clash today against Spirit with one aim is to win and they extended that run courtesy of striker Rodney Serveux’s thirty minutes head.
The 23-year-old striker latched onto an Alvaro Bula’s pass before squeezing the ball into the back of the net with his head.
Spirit had their own chances, especially in the 41 minute but striker Bernard Daniel was unable to find a way past Tupuji Imere’s young goalkeeper.
In the other match Tafea beat table leader Erakor Golden Star 1-0.
Latest TVL Premier League standing (Day 12)
1. Erakor Golden Star FC 29
2. Amicale FC 28
3. Spirit 08 FC 19
4. Tafea FC 19
5. Shepherds United FC 16
6. Tupuji Imere FC 13
7. Seveners United FC 11
8. Ifira Black Bird FC 6

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