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Team Manager tribute to his players and coaches

The Gold and Black now sit in second place on the TVL Premier League table.
“It’s a good time for us; objectively being second in our first year in the Premier League is wonderful because it changes the whole team. This position is certainly nice to be in, but we must keep our feet on the ground.
“If we are second then thats means the team is doing well in the Premier League for the first time.” Concluded Donald Wanemut.
“The question is can our boys maintain the top five position? There are so many games to go and many competitive teams like Spirit 08, Shepherds United, Tupuji Imere and Tafea FC are behind us so we have to keep playing hard.”
Erakor Golden Star will play Shepherds United this Saturday at 11am in Day 9 at Port Vila Stadium.
Erakor Golden Star striker Jack Niko who helps them beat Ifira Black Bird last Saturday will not be on the starting line-up because of two yellow cards he received.
Other matches
Thursday 8 November 2012- 3pm at PV Stadium
Tafea FC vs Seveners United FC
Saturday 10 November 2012 at PV Stadium
11am- Erakor Golden Star FC vs Shepherds United FC
1pm- Spirit 08 FC vs Ifira Black Bird FC
3pm- Amicale FC vs Tupuji Imere FC

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