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Kalotiti congratulates young yellows

Mr. Kalotiti watched Vanuatu played American Samoa and on Saturday he witness Vanuatu’s victory over Fiji Under 2-0 at Mangere Centre Park in Auckland New Zealand.
“I have watched many Vauatu teams playing in New Zealand but today I can say that Vanuatu football has improve alot and I must say that the standard of football in Vanuatu is coming up strongly.”
Mr Kalotiti is a former Pango Green Bird Football Club player said Fiji is not an easy team to beat in Oceania because they are strong and big but if teams play well, they can beat them.
“Fiji as we all know its not an easy team to beat when we come to football but today our young boys shows that we can do it and congratulation to them for making the semi final.”
“I want to congratulates Vanuatu coach Moise Poida and his coaches and team manager.” They have done well and they must continue to help the boys to improve as they progress to the semi final.”
Vanuatu Under 20 beat American Samoa 7-0 and on Saturday they beat Fiji 2-0 to become the first team to reach the semi final of the OFC U-20 Championship.
VFF President Lambert Maltock also congratulated young stars and said one of VFF aims for the U-20 team is to be top in group A and today they have made all Vanuatu people proud.
“Our aim is to top group A and advance to the semi final and next is to try to work hard to win the semi final match maybe against Solomon Island, New Zealand or New Caledonia.”
“”If we win our semi final game and advance to the final then the boys must fully concentrate in the final game but first let think about the semi final match.”
“But now I must say that Iam a happy President because our boys have reach the semi final of the OFC U-20 competition.”
Vanuatu play their last match in Pool A against Papua New Guinea on Monday at 12pm Vanuatu time.