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Etienne awarded OFC B Licence

The former national team player who played his international football in Tahiti and Australia has a storied career on the pitch and he’s slowly but surely adding to those accomplishments as he embarks on a new path.
OFC head of Coaching Education Didier Chambaron also congratulates Etienne Mermer.
“It’s my pleasure to confirmed that you have been accredited at OFC B licence level. In the next days you will receive an official letter accompanied by your certificate. Well done Etienne, keep moving to the next step.” Said Didier Chambaron.
“To achieve a B Licence, or any other football coaching licence, a coach must work incredibly hard.”It’s not easy but at the end I am so happy.” said Etienne Mermer.
“ I told myself from the very beginning of the course that I must work hard to gain this accreditation and not only that, but to show to other coaches that if I can make it, then it’s possible for them to also achieve their B License with me and Moise Poida.
“I personally thank VFF and OFC for their support and I will do my best to help my country achieve success in the future.” Concluded Etienne Mermer.
Vanuatu Football Federation President Lambert Maltock congratulated Etienne Mermer on his impressive achievement after Moise Poida.
“On behalf of Vanuatu Football Executive members, staffs and football players, we are very proud of your great achievement this week.”
“VFF would like to see 7 to 8 B License coaches in Vanuatu in the future to help bring Vanuatu to another level.”
Etienne Mermer will receive his OFC B License certificate in the next few weeks from Oceania Football Confederation.

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