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Amicale vs Spirit replay possible

The forfeit puts Vanuatu Champion club with three more points and now they are five points clear from Tafea FC.
Port Vila Football office has confirmed that the case of Amicale vs Spirit 08 will be decide by PVFA excutive next week.
Thats mean if Amicale beat Tafea today, they will have to wait until the decision comes out next week and if they awarded the three points then they can start celebrate in they beat Tafea today.
But on the other hand Tafea will be very strong against the champion today at 1pm. They are still five points behind the Reds but a win will help them come close to Amicale.
But all the answers of all these questions will depend on whats happen after the final whistle today when both teams play each other at 1pm.
Amicale forfeit Spirit 08 last thursday because 08 players didn’t turn up for the game and Spirit officials said the information they received is too late and wrote a concern letter to PVFA executive for the match to be replay if possible.
Spirit 08 is now fourth in the National Super League table with only 4 four points.

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