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Tahos Timber provides travelling bags to Futsal Gideons

Tahos Timber Company at Number 3 area in Port Vila last week donated travelling Adidas bags and shoe bags to the players of Futsal Gideons at Tahos Timber.
“ I have never sponsored football or futsal in my life but today my wife and I have decided to support the national team trip to New Zealand this month,” Tony Nicholls said.
“Please train hard and play quality futsal in Auckland. The competition will be tough because you only have young players but always per in mind that futsal is a quality and skill sports so my advice to you all is play smart.
“Whatever the result please continue to put your heads up and represent the country well in New Zealand,” said Tony and Lilly Nicholls, managers and owners of Tahos Timber in Vanuatu.
“On behalf of the management and players of Futsal Gideons, I take this opportunity to thank Tahos Timber managers Mr. And Mrs Nicholls for their sponsorship,” said Futsal Gideons head coach Louis Dominique.
“The boys will travel with the Adidas bags after next week and I must say that this is the first time the Vanuatu National Futsal team received a huge donation from a local company.
“Thank you Tahos Timber and I just want to let you two knows that the young team has been together for some time now and we are looking forward to the competition in New Zealand at the end of this month,” concluded Dominique, VFF Futsal Development Officer and head coach of Futsal Gideons.
Yesterday the team entered Teouma Football Academy where they will camp until they fly out to New Zealand on the 20th July 2013.

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