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Senior players help grassroots program

Grassroots football development officer of VFF, Joel Rarua confirms that former player Tom Manses and the other two current senior players, Bong Kalo and Francois Sakama displayed their skills and show them how to play basic football with the help of Vanuatu Futsal Development Officer, Louise Dominique and a member of female referee.
“It’s really great to see Tom, Sakama and Bong Kalo at Freshwota field helping the children with basic football.” Said Joel Rarua.
“They are Vanuatu top players and most of the kids know their names and to see them around is great.”
“We are looking forward to see more Vanuatu top players coming to help the children and I am sure they will follow their footsteps.”
“What I saw is the kids really enjoyed their company and we already invited them to another grassroots festival next week.” Said Joel Rarua.
Another festival will be on again next week.

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