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Erakor Golden Star- Vanuatu Football new club CHAMPIONS

Erakor Golden Star FC of Port Vila Football Association are Vanuatu Football Federation new club Champions after the stars shines again today, beat Nalkutan FC 1-0 at Laminu Stadium on Tanna Island.

After a dramatic win in last year’s PVFA Premier League and PVFA Top Four competition, Erakor added the VFF TVL Cup to its haul by beating Tafea Football Association club champion, Nalkutan FC 1-0 at Laminu stadium on Tanna today 17 February 2017.

Erakor Village community will wait until Sunday to welcome their hero from the island of Tanna Island.

President of Vanuatu Football Federation, Mr. Lambert Maltock said this is a great news for Vanuatu Football Federation after two new teams made it to the grand final of the TVL Cup for the first time in Vanuatu Football history.

“Grand Final today will be the highest memorable day in Football History for Tafea Province and Vanuatu as whole.” Said Lambert Maltock, President of VFF.

“Nalkutan FC representing the rural football leagues and clubs will give testimony to whole nation and Oceania region where the heart of football is in Vanuatu when facing the most popular Golden Star FC of Port-Vila Elite League.”

“Nalkutan FC has been travelling FAR AWAY for ages to reach the pinnacle, top of the football pyramid by eliminating champions of all champions,except Golden Star FC.”

“But today I want to congratulate Erakor and Nalkutan for a great football display in front of a good crowds.”

“I want to congratulate our new Vanuatu Football club Champions, Erakor Golden Star for a outstanding performance.”

“This is a great news that football in Vanuatu is truly growing stronger in the member associations in Vanuatu.

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