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Erakor Golden Star 1-1 Siaraga

League leaders Erakor Golden Star failed to move three points on the Premier League table after draw with Siaraga Fc 1-1 on Friday at Port Vila Stadium.

The new Premier League comer hit Erakor’s net first in 41 minutes, thanks to goal from Philip Roley.

Erakor came back very strongly in the second half and Tonly Kalotang levels the scoreboard in 56 minutes.

Final score, Erakor Golden Star FC 1-1 Siaraga FC.

The is a great results for Siaraga FC and the draw still keep them, sixth place on the table but now with 8 points, one a head of Mauriki FC.

Erakor Golden Star still top the Premier League standing, now with 28 points, 9 ahead of Tafea FC.

Latest PVFA Premier League 2016

1. Erakor Golden Star FC 28
2. Tafea FC 19
3. Amicale FC 18
4. Ifira Black Bird FC 15
5. Tupuji Imere FC 11
6. Siaraga FC 8
7. Mauriki FC FC 7
8. Shepherds United FC 3
9. Spirit 08 FC FC 3

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