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Erakor more than club at heart

Building a football team from the foundations of a village community has its advantages.

At least that’s the way Erakor Golden Star defender Michell Kaltack, currently competing in Group D at the OFC Champions League, sees it.

“We all use the same language for a start,” he said.

“We all grew up together so when we move, we move as brothers and a team.”

And in fact given there’s five Kaltack’s in the squad – two of them his brothers and the other two his cousins – it really is a family affair.

Kaltack says joining up with Erakor has been an emotional homecoming.

“For me I’m very proud to be part of it because it’s my local club, it’s my family,” he explained.

“In the family Kaltack there’s five of us playing with this club. Three brothers and two cousins – we all grew up together.”

Kaltack also indicated the need for the club to stick to its roots.

“For us it’s important we use local players because we will show our country and other countries, what the level of Vanuatu football is.

“We don’t take export players as it helps us to improve the level and show what Vanuatu can do.”

Kaltack has previously turned out in this competition for Tafea FC and said the more matches he has at a high level, the more he feels he can offer both club and country.

“My experience in the Champions League with Tafea has developed my skills and I have learned through the mistakes I’ve made in my past games,” he explains.

“In addition, with my teammates I learn something from them and they learn something from me.

“We are constantly improving and sharing our knowledge and that’s a good thing for us, the players, as well as the club and Vanuatu football in general.”

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