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Erakor Take Control of the Premier League

Erakor Golden Star FC continues to take control of the Port Vila Football Premier League 2016 after they beat Tupuji Imere 2-1 on Thursday 13 October 2016 at Port Vila stadium.

Other results this week, on Tuesday, Mauriki beat Siaraga 2-1 and Amicale FC down Spirit 08 FC 5-0 on Wednesday.

Erakor win over Tupuji helps them top the ladder with 24 points after the first leg and they are looking forward to the second leg kicks off next week.

“We are very excited because we are still on top of the ladder.” Said Erakor Golden Star FC team manager, Donald Wanemut.

“Erakor Golden Star management is very happy with the performance of all the players in the first leg and reminds our players that the second leg will be tough and we must be ready.”

“It is very important for our players to stay focus and continue to work hard in training because I know our first match in the second leg next week is against Mauriki FC.”

“We think it’s our turn now to represent Port Vila and Vanuatu Football in the OFC Champions League in 2017 and to achieve our goal, we must continue to play well and win all matches.” He said.

Amicale FC has moved from fifth place to third after the Red Roosters beat Spirit 08 FC 5-0 on this week and Mauriki FC now seated sixth on the ladder after they beat Siaraga FC 2-1 on Tuesday.

Latest PVFA Premier League 2016

1. Erakor Golden Star FC 24
2. Tafea FC 16
3. Amicale FC 15
4. Ifira Black Bird FC 15
5. Tupuji Imere FC 11
6. Mauriki FC 7
7. Siaraga FC 4
8. Spirit 08 FC 3
9. Shepherds United FC 3

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