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Four Lenuke players join Shepherds United FC in Santo

Shepherds United Football Club in Luganville Football Association has opt for four Lenuke football club players for next season.

Speaking from his community place in Melcoffee yesterday evening, after four players were warmly welcomed by his clan, President Noel Pakoa said he plans to reinforce Shepherds for next season of the Luganville Football League.

“We picked four players from Lenuke FC after the pool games of the National Super League tournament hosted here at Luganville Soccer City last week and they will live with my community here and attend training as soon as they are settle”, he said.

The players are Sison Joshua who is Lenuke’s defender, Greg Vetkon in defense, Klensly Jayvie a tournament striker and Timothy Bila in midfield.

Lenuke FC is a football club founded by Pastor George Kanu from Ifira in 1978, and for the first time, came to participate in the National Super League with twenty two players in blue and white.

The club, based in Weso, South East Malekula, borrowed two players from Saint Pierre in Lamap and one from Fatal FC, and is coached by Obed Jimmy an Academy coach from Port Vila.

Coach Obed proudly conveyed his heartfelt thank you to Shepherds United FC for attending to the players needs and assured United’s President, coaching staff and families who will be hosting the players that the boys deserve a place in Luganville Football League for their skills and attitude.

“Although we came last in our pool, we are exited of their achievement, the boys are happy and their team mates who left yesterday on MV Kainga were excited for their achievement”, he said.

Shepherds United FC coach in Luganville Mr. Rocky Neveserveth thanked Vanuatu Football Federation for making it possible for such tournaments to come to Luganville for clubs to scout players to strengthen their teams.

“A player has a dream and it is our responsibility to make their dreams happen and Shepherds United will make sure that you will achieve your dreams and now the pathway is clear for you to decide”, he said.

VFF representative in Luganville, Kaison Maki congratulate the players and Shepherds United for taking the initiative and said he is proud to say that the VFF decentralization program is working throughout Vanuatu, and is now evident in this year’s NSL tournament.

“Such program will change LFA games and will drive football in Luganville to another level”, said Mr. Maki, and he conveyed the Federation’s thank you to all the families who are supporting Shepherds United in their program and encourages other clubs to seize the opportunity.

The National Super League has started on the 15th of October and is played in Sola, Soccer and Teouma Academy and will conclude in Luganville in mid-November 2016.

Story by MT.

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