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Ifira Black Bird 2-0 Siaraga

Ifira Black Bird fought hard last Saturday to beat Siaraga Fc 2-0 in the PVFA Premier League competition 2017.

The win puts coach Batram Suri’s boys level with leader Erakor Golden Star FC with nine points each on the round three ladder.

Ifira’s next match should be against Erakor Golden Star this weekend but this match will be postponed because Erakor will be traveling to Tahiti this Friday for the OFC Champions League competition.

latest Standing after Round Three

1. Erakor Golden Star 9
2. Ifira Black Bird 9
3. Amicale FC 6
4. Tupuji Imere FC 6
5.Siaraga FC 3
6. Mauwia 1
7. Tafea 1
8. Mauriki 0

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