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Ifira Black Bird won the Digicel Premier League

Ifira Black Bird FC has won the Port Vila Football Digicel Premier League competition yesterday, Saturday 3 June 2017 after draw with Mauwia FC 1-1 in the last match of the Digicel Premier League competition at Port Vila stadium.

The Black Bird FC the Port Vila Football Championship 31 year ago in 1986 and yesterday’s victory is a blessing to all Ifira Black Bird Fc fans.

Ifira just need a draw against Mauwia to win the championship and all credit goes to Solomon islands international Charles Otainao who scored Ifira’s only goal in 2 minutes just after the kick off in the first half.

Solomon islands and Ifira Black Bird head coach, Batram Suri was a happy man after the match.

” To be honest, this year’s competition is very tough and I must thank all my players for playing good football in the league.” Said Batram Suri.

“To play against team like Erakor, Amicale, Tafea, Tupuji Imere is not easy and I would like to thank Ifira Black Bird Fc President and his executive for all their support.”

“Thank you to all the faithful supporters too.”

The Vice President of Ifira Black Bird FC, Mr. Kalpovi Mangawai also thank Batram Suri and all the players who played really hard to help ifira Black Bird won the competition after 31 years.

“Our executive would like to thank coach Batram Suri for his hard work and dedication to our club.” said Kalpovi Mangawai.

“It has been a tough season for all of us but to end the season as champions of Port Vila Football Association after 31 years is a great story for all of us former players of Ifira.”

“Our next focus is the Top Four Competition to find the winner to represent Port Vila in the OFC Champions League in 2018.”

“We know teams like Amicale, Tupuji Imere and the defending champion, Erakor Golden Star will be tough in the top four next Saturday and we must now think about next week competition which will be more tougher than the Digicel Premier League.”

” But at the end of the day, we will celebrate our win today as Champions of Port Vila Football Association.”

“Bravo coach Batram Suri and the players.” concluded Kalpovi Mangawai, Ifira Black Bird FC Vice President.

In the last round of the competition results saw Amicale smashed Siaraga 6-1 and Erakor Golden Star beat Tupuji Imere 4-2.
The final Digicel Premier League 2016/2017 Standing;

1. Ifira Black Bird 31
2. Erakor Golden Star 30
3. Tupuji Imere 25
4. Amicale 23
5. Tafea 14
6. Mauwia 14
7. Siaraga 9
8. Mauriki 6

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