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Moffat star as Ifira beat Tupuji

Solomon Islands International, Moffat Kilifa was the star of the match yesterday as Ifira Black Bird beat Tupuji Imere 1-0 and still maintain their lead in the Digicel Premier League 2017.

Moffat Kilifa scored Ifira’s only goal in 40 minutes as Ifira hold on their lead until the final whistle.

The win puts Ifira Black Bird still top of the ladder now with 20 points.

In the other matches yesterday to start the second leg, Mauriki registered their first win in the competition after the beat Siaraga 1-0, Mauwia beat Tafea 1-0 and Digicel Amicale and Erakor Golden Star ended their match with a draw 1-1.

Latest PVFA Digicel Premier League Standing after round 8.

1. Ifira Black Bird 20
2. Erakor Golden Star 16
3. Tupuji Imere 14
4. Digicel Amicale 12
5. Mauwia 8
6. Tafea 7
7. Siaraga 6
8. Mauriki 3

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