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Nazimento hero as Siaraga beat Mauriki

Siaraga FC came from behind to beat Mauriki FC 3-2 in the PVFA Premier League Championship 2017.

Hero of the match is Siaraga Fc captain Nazimento Sine who registered two goals today on the score sheet and one from David Bule.

Two goals from Mauriki FC came from Besali Lagi and Henry William.

Mauwia 0-0 Tafea and Ifira Black Bird beat Tupuji Imere 4-1. ( Erakor G Star will take on Amicale next Wednesday 1st February 2017 at 3pm.

Latest Premier League Championship Standing after Round One

1. Ifira Black Bird FC 3
2. Siaraga FC 3
3. Tafea FC 1
4. Mauwia FC 1
5. Maurki FC 0
6. Tupuji Imere FC 0
7. Erakor Golden Star FC 0
8. Amicale FC 0

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