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Tanna ready to host VFF Congress

Tafea Football Association is ready to host the 26th Vanuatu Football Federation Congress 2016 next week.

Treasurer of Tafea Football Association, Mr. Andrew Markia told vanuafoot media that the people of Tanna are ready to welcome all the football presidents, secretaries and also the VFF and OFC Vice President, Mr. Lambert Maltock this weekend.

“We are ready to welcome our football families in all the member associations here on Tanna.” Said Andrew Markia.

“I cannot mention anything regarding the welcoming program to anybody yet but the welcome we will give VFF delegations will be very special and I believe they will enjoy the welcome ceremony and they will never forget.”

“The only thing I can say is our chiefs will welcome all the VFF delegation this Sunday.” He said.

Tanna Island  lies in the southern group of islands of Vanuatu, but has an identity, culture and landscape all of its own. Relatively undeveloped, Tanna offers travellers a unique insight into both its untouched tropical countryside, of lush bush, stunning views and massive banyan trees, as well as its rich village life, culture and ‘kastom’. The people of Tanna are welcoming, interested in all who visit, and go out of their way to help travellers enjoy their island.

Tanna’s main tourist attraction, Mount Yasur is the most visited volcano in Vanuatu and is relatively well behaved, making it ideal for observation by travellers. This being said, all volcanoes can be unpredictable and at times ash and molten boulders are flung high and wide around the volcanoes base. It has been erupting continuously for centuries, but is fairly easily reached being only 360 metres to its summit.


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