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Teaching football, touching lifes by Western Sydney Wanderers

Western Sydney Wanderers youth team visited one of the biggest Primary School in Port Vila on Wednesday 15 February 2017.

Amicale FC facebook page reported that Western Sydney players taught the kids at Central School and Ecole Centrale Ville in Port Vila how to play good football.

The players gave all the children Western Sydney Wanderers playing shirts, shorts and socks. Most of the children are very happy to meet the players and thank Amicale FC for organizing this special visit to their school.

The Western Sydney Wanderers today ( Thursday 16 February 2017) visit Mele Village to do some community work in a classroom building.

Tupuji Imere FC President, Mr. Philip Malas thank Western Sydney players and officials for their humble hearts to come to their village to help do some work in the classroom.

“I thank the players for coming down to my village and help in the community work.” said Philip Malas.

“Few years ago Tupuji Imere FC went to Sydney and we watched them training and sang some choruses with them in Australia and today they are here in our village to help.”

“I wish them all the best in their last match against Amicale FC in the Grand Casino Cup this Saturday.” he said.

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