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Vanuatu U17 beat Tafea U 17

Vanuatu national U-17 team beat Tafea FA U 17 beat 3-0 in day one of the VFF U 17 competition held at Teouma Football Academy in Port Vila today Wednesday 25 January 2017.

Vanuatu U 17 scored two goals in the first half bit one of Vanuatu goal is scored by an Tafea defender.

In the second half, Tafea came strongly in Vanuatu penalty box but missed all their chances to hit the net.

Vanuatu added their third goal before the end of match.

Final score- Vanuatu U17 3-0 Tafea FA U 17.

Latest VFF U 17 competition standing.

1. Vanuatu U 17 Team 3
2. Tafea FA U 17 Team 0
3. Penama FA U 17 Team 0
4. Shefa FA U 17 Team 0

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