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Vaum United and Spirit leads in Pool C

Vaum United of Luganville, Santo and Spirit 011 FC of Torba Football Association takes control of Pool C of the TVL Championship at Sola Complex, Torba Province after day two.

Report received from Torba Football Association representative, Joe Tagar said Vaum United smashed Wanmolmol FC 7-0 and Spirit 0 11 FC beat Tanmet FC 2-1.

Fixtures of Day Three on Tuesday 25 October 2016 will see Tanmet FC will take on Wanmolmol FC and at 3pm Vaum United will meet host Spirit 011 FC.

The two top clubs in Pool C will meet Malmapa Revivors FC, Rainbow FC, Nalkutan FC and Medics FC in the second round of the competition kicks off begining of next month,

Latest Pool C standing

1. Vaum United FC 6
2. Spirit 011 FC 6
3. Tanmet FC 0
4. Wanmolmol FC 0

Updated On Monday, October 24, 2016



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