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We are lucky; Andrew Chichirua

Captain of Ifira Black Bird FC, Andrew Chichirua said his team is lucky to qualify to play in their second Super League.

“We are happy to qualify to play in our second biggest football competition in Vanuatu.” said Andrew Chichirua.

“Our match this Saturday against Tafea FC will be tough but a good one for all football fans .”

“Tafea is a strong club in Port Vila and Vanuatu and they will be very tough against us but we will try not to give them a chance.”

“Our main objective is to play well and try to score goals against them which is not easy.”

Ifira Black Bird FC brought in Tupuji Imere midfielder Barry Mansale to help them in the midfielder and alsoTupuji and former Hekari United striker, Molivakarua Elkington.

They also have in their team, Spirit 08 FC striker, Alex Saniel.

Ifira Black Bird takes on Tafea at 3pm this Saturday 3 December 2016 at Port Vila Stadium.

Ifira Black Bird FC player’s List:

Goalkeepers: 1. Anthony Taiwia, 2. Alfred Malas

Defenders: 3. Junior Vava, 4. Windsor William, 5. Lucien Hinge, 6. Moses Henry, 16. Andrew Chichirua, 17. Manuel Sablan, 20. Jacques Harry, 22. Johnny Sope, 25. Maxwell Kieth

Midfielders: 7. Silas Tunguen, 8. Lee Taiwia, 9. Dominique Fred, 10. Barry Mansale, 11. Jean Pierre Tausi, 18. Semu Livae, 23. Loic Taiwia

Strikers: 12. Nicky Nilua Iakou, 13. Dunstan Quanafia, 14. Kaltalipo Taiwia, 15. Sam Kalter, 19. Vira Kalsakau, 21. Molivakarua Elkington, 24. Alex Saniel

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