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We train, play and pray hard to achieve success; Wanemut

The hard working team manager of Erakor Golden Star FC, Donald Wanemut reveals the success of Erakor this year 2016.

Donald has been helping Erakor since 2010 when Erakor were relegated to first division. After the Pacific Games in New Caledonia in 2011, things starting to changed and in 2013, Erakor made their way back to Premier League.

“This year 2016 is Erakor Golden Star FC year.” said Donald Wanemut.

“My wife and I been helping our local Erakor players and we have been praying for their lifes that God will touch and change them through football.”

“We want them to see and know that football is just a sport but the life we have with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is more important than football.”

“I always reminded them that if we put God first, we will see good result even if we play against strong clubs in Port Vila.”

“Not long after 2013, we have our new football motto; Yesu I wi which means Jesus or God is good.”

Erakor Golden Star FC came second in the Premier League three years in row from 2013, 2014 and 2015.

This year Erakor shows every football fans that they mean business with football and won the PVFA Premier League competition 2016 and also won the Top Four Super League and qualify to play in the OFC Champions League 2017.

“There is no secret  if you want to win.” said Donald Wanemut.

“We train hard, pray hard and play hard and thats why we are today champions of Port Vila.”

“The other thing I would like to mention is when we won the NCD cup, Malapoa College Golden Jubilee cup, PVFA Championship for 2016, I told my players and club executive to give our tithes to the needy people in the village.”

“Our players learn how to give with glad heart and the Bible always reminded us to give generously and you will receive.”

“Our players know that if we win or lose a match, we will still praise the Lord and this year we just want to thank God for answering our prayers.”

“The secret of winning is to train, pray and play hard.”

“As team manager, I would like to thank our President, Mr. Johnson Wabaiat and his executive members for their support and also thank our faithful fans who stand behind us in pray and support financially.”

“On behalf of the club I also would like to thank our faithful sponsor for many years, Josiah Russel and his family.” Without your support, we will not be the champions of Port Vila and qualify for OFC competition.”

“We dedicated Erakor’s win to our sponsors, fans and everyone in Vanuatu who loves Erakor Golden Star FC.” He concluded.


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